Bionova – Microlife 2Kg


Microlife by Bionova is a soil activator with mycorrhiza and microelements. Microlife stimulates and enriches the soil, adding natural microorganisms. It ensures a better structure and radical development and the enhancement of the air-water system. The fertilizers to be absorbed are available more easily and in greater quantities, ensuring a higher yield. Microlife microorganisms bring life back to the ground!

MicroLife is rich in essential soil organisms such as Mycorrhiza sp., Bacillus sp., Yeasts and enzymes combined in an organic mixture of algae, cocoa pellets, lime and compost. MicroLife not only stimulates the growth of microorganisms, but also stimulates the growth and flowering of all plants with the addition of a variety of trace elements and natural hormones. The unique composition of MicroLife enriches and stimulates the life of the rhizosphere, improves the structure of the soil increases the rooting and overall health of all plants. In this improved environment, organic and inorganic soil particles mix optimally, increasing the air/water ratio, and nutrients are more easily used by plants. Within a short period of time the effects are noticeable. With a beautiful mixture of woody, airy smelling soil, you have an environment in which any plant visibly develops better

How To Use Microlife By BioNova:

  • Preparation of organic tea: time required 2/6 hours with air pump in water. Use chlorine-free water or in case of tap water let it boil for about two hours. Then add Bionova Microlife to the dose of 10 gr / liter H2O then use the tea maximum 2 hours after turning off the pump.
  • Seed treatment: grind the pellets in a container then add the previously moistened seeds and mix thoroughly until the surface of the seeds is completely covered.
  • Treatment of clones and seedlings: to promote faster root growth and prevent stress before transplantation, place the seedling or clone in a container with the pulverized pellets, making it available to the root system, then plant the seedling and moisten the soil.
  • Bionova Microlife can be used from the first week of growth until harvest.
  • It can be mixed with all Bionova fertilizers, stimulators, minerals, universals and substrates.
  • It is mixed in open ground or in a substrate.


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