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BOOST UV is a linear fluorescent lamp with T5 socket with high radiation emission in the UV-A and UV-B field.

It is precisely the complete aspect generated by these lamps to make it unique and performing.

Since we are children we have been told to pay attention to summer sunlight, especially ultraviolet radiation, and in part it is true. However, if you stay within the safety parameters, UV rays give an excellent tan without real damage to the skin and allow the production of vitamin D. Tanning increases protection from solar radiation at future exposures. In essence, the skin creates its own natural protection from the sun’s rays.

UV Light And Plants.

UV light is also extremely important for plant growth. In safe doses, UV rays help produce oily substances that protect plants from this radiation. These oils also contain smells and tastes. It is what the plant produces to protect itself from increased exposure to UV rays. Just like us, plants create their own natural sunscreen.

Hemp responds to stress and sunburn caused by UV rays by creating its own sunscreen in the form of trichomes. The higher the production of trichomes, the higher the levels of active ingredients, terpenes and much more.

The plant produces more resin to protect itself from high exposure to UV light.

How To Use:

It is recommended to use one lamp per square meter of growing area.
Combine the UV Sticky Boost with the lamp you usually use! The period of use may vary depending on the cultivation phase of the plant and the strain itself.

STICKY BOOST UV thanks to its emission spectrum, can accelerate the seed germination process

For the vegetative and flowering phase we recommend starting with 30 minutes a day during the period of lights on and possibly increasing if the plant reacts well, some varieties have given excellent results with exposure levels up to 3 hours a day.

ATTENTION: We recommend initially using the Sticky Boost UV lamp for a maximum of 30 minutes a day.

Technical Specifications Sticky Boost UV:

  • Spectral composition: UV-A 28% + UV-B 12% + Fullspectrum
  • Power: 24W
  • Lampholder: T5
  • Color: 7000K


Advantages Of Using UV Sticky Boost Lamp:

  • Full development of the terpene profile of the plant
  • Increased root mass
  • Causes more branching, less stretching
  • UV B light protects against pathogens such as fungi and bacteria
  • Increase in the active ingredients of plants
  • Increased content of anthocyanins, carotenoids and chlorophyll (coloring of leaves and flowers)
  • Promotes cell repair (in case of attack of pathogens)
  • Activation of the protective mechanisms of the plant
  • Stimulates the formation of vitamin D in plants (increased plant health)
  • Improvement of product quality.

STICKY BOOST UV thanks to its emission spectrum, 
can accelerate the seed germination process.

When growers transplant seedlings under more intense light sources; UV rays strengthen plants, preparing them for high-intensity light. Transplanting seedlings from low-intensity lighting to high-intensity lighting can shock or slow down the growth of the plant. This is especially true when moving young plants from the inside to the outside. Exposure to UV rays in the early stages of plant growth reduces shock times and speeds up the production process.

It is essential that these lamps are not shielded by glass or plexiglass.


The Lampholder produced by Callegaro has a tempered steel ceiling lamp for STICKY BOOST UV Indoorlight.

Equipped with two holes at the ends to allow an easy suspension hook.

Specifications Indoorlight Sticky Boost UV Lamp Holder:

  • Dimensions: 63x8x5h cm
  • 220-240V . 50/60HZ
  • Cable: 1.6m
  • Shuko Plug
  • IP 20
  • Weight: 2 KG
  • Hardened steel


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