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Physio & Pilates

Pilates with a difference.

At Elevist, we use the most effective elements of Pilates, the wisdom of Yoga and joy of free movement to help you transform your body and your mind. It’s tough, but so are you. And, if you’re ready to move with us, we promise to help you achieve more than you ever thought possible. After an Elevist workout you’ll step off the mat, or the Coreformer, feeling two inches taller — it’s a feeling of positivity and strength that radiates into every part of your life.

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Natural Remedies and Supplementation

The right supplement, for the right person, at the right time.

Elevist is a complete wellness center, we specialise in finding tailor made solutions for ones Mental, physical and aesthetic wellbeing. This is achieved with expertise from a dedicated team of professionals, In this case Sean is the General Manager for everything Elevist. It does not stop there, as Sean is also a Pharmacist and a masters graduate specialising in medicine and supplemental nutrition.

This section of the wellness centre will cater to giving advice, and tailor made solutions for each individual. Every person is consulted and instructed accordingly with the use of supplements and manageable lifestyle modifications. Opening up the treatment to more than just a tablet to fit all needs, but rather a relationship with a dynamic bottom line, completely open ended discussion via one to one walk-in consultations.

The supplement and support section of the Elevist retail segment caters to most natural , vegan vitamins which are needed for the average individual.

We look forward to meeting you and solving your most persistent mental and physical ailments. through natural remedies and heart-felt lifestyle advice.

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Grow like a professional, overnight.

Learn to grow like a professional.
At Elevist we offer growing consultations. Following the legalisation of cultivation of up to four plants of cannabis, as well as the recent studies showing the immense benefits of organically grown vegetables and sustainable growing, we decided to dedicate an entire
area of the shop to horticulture.

Mac will be there ready to help his clients, always with a wide smile on his face.

Whether consulting on small home projects, to larger scale industrial applications, Mac is equipped with knowledge gained from many years working around the world consulting on major agricultural projects.
Regardless of what you intend to grow, the Elevist retail shop, along with Mac’s unique
expertise, will make Elevist your one stop shop for everything horticulture.
“Let’s make Malta green again.”
*Sorry Donald*

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