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Discover the Benefits of Botox therapies to reduce wrinkles.

Reduce Wrinkles, tighten saggy areas and feel confident in your own skin!
Botox is used by Aesthetic Physicians at elevist wellness to actively reduce the activity of some facial muscles in order to reduce wrinkles. The areas most commonly treated with BoTox includes the Glabella, crows feet and forehead. With more modern approaches also including small doses to the upper nose, smokers lines and decollate area where we aim to reduce activty but not disable the msucle in order to retain proper function in and around areas such as the mouth.

Put your mind at ease

Frequently asked questions

How do I go about booking aesthetic treatments

With any of our aesthetic treatments, a consultation is required so the aesthetic doctor can assess what the client needs perfectly. This recommendation is communicated to the patient and if the treatment is done, the consultation fee would be waived and only the service fee is charged.

Is Botox dangerous?

When used properly botox is not harmful. Our Aesthetic Physician is a trained Doctor with surgical experience and a vast knowledge base of facial anatomy. Utmost care is given when handling of products and even in the processes of delivery and storage, making sure the highest quality results are attained for our Clientele.

how long is a consultation?

Our consultations are 20-30 minutes in length give or take a few minutes in between patients !


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