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What is the message behind our brand? look here!

‘Ele’ derived from the action, ‘to elevate’. At Elevist we hope to elevate one’s quality of life to new highs. We hope to enrich one’s life with consistent and tailor-made exercise and wellness regimes. ‘Vist’ – from the Latin word ‘vista’ to be able to achieve greater clarity, greater balance and a better understanding of the ‘what’ and ‘why’ behind all that we deem as relevant to our general wellness.
. They care for each other’s offspring as if it’s their own. Their journey spans far and wide similar to us, and they often graze and pick and choose the foliage they consume depending on what they need or require, similarly taking the approach of self-medicating, using various herbs and plants in the process. Elephants, being one of the smartest creatures in the animal kingdom owe much of their similarities to us due to our earlier days both being intertwined and originating from Africa. Elephants share our complex social networks and behaviours, they Mourne their ancestors as do we, they take a long time to mature just like us, and they have been proven to be able to gauge what gender and ethnicity a human is. These, amongst a myriad of other factors make elephants and humans one of the closest combinations of ‘animal to animal’ known to man.
The elephants holding and sharing foilage shows the immense intelligence of elephants. They can at will decide which plant or herb is neccesary for their wellbeing at any given time. They cycle and choose, as well as visit different places known to house such herb and plant life. this encapsulates our ethos better than any other action we observe through these majestic beings. They share, they study and they thrive together as a social unit, the same way in which we wish to empower our esteemed clientele, to reach a better, healthier, better informed version of themselves. Eventually paving the way to a better place, a place we love to call ‘ Perpetual Bliss’.
The Elephant (cont)- Somewhat of a mascot for Elevist. The creature that best represents most of the sentiment humans possess in the way we view Family, belonging, respect and wellness. A short anecdote about elephants which inspired us to place this creature in the centre of our wellness journey starts off by explaining the way in which elephants go about their day to day. Elephants, care and love for each other similarly to our immediate families and close relatives.

Let go of the grind, escape to Elevist Wellness.

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