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What does a perfect day look like? look here!

Our founder, Sean Cassar, is an entrepreneur specialising in interior architechtural design. He set out on this mission to deliver a broad range of wellness, and health services to everyone. Having experienced the benefits of all our services throughout his life, Sean is not only the founder, but he is also our most regular client here at elevist. Leading by example, Sean is making sure every person who makes Elevist tick, also helps themselves to the life changing services we offer here.

The Figure below outlines how Sean spends his day, how he moulds his responsibilities around his duty to himself and his body. Scroll over the '+' markers for more detail !

Sean Cassar, the Founder and CEO of Elevist wellness. He is also the founder and CEO of Design Hub Malta, the firm that designed the aesthetic behind Elevist Wellness Naxxar.
Good nutrition, good planning and an early start backed with a solid 7 hours of sleep are exactly what a high functioning individual needs.
Mentally, doing a solid period of deep work frees the mind of having pending items to discuss or finish off. Mental health awareness and the proper control of our day to day variables are exactly what is needed to achieve a high level of productivity.
The reformer, our signature service made by Mr.Pilates himself. Backed and represented with many years of effective utilisation. Laura is our inhouse physiotherapist leading the way and trail blazing in the area for the past couple of years. Sean has a daily session of reformer, strengthening his core, relaxing and releasing endorphins before the second half of the day.
After another session of deep work, Sean attends a random class of his choice daily also – this tends to give Sean the social aspect alongside the physical exercise aspect. This being his second workout of the day, it’s a nice break from the numbers and figures and a great bit of fun before the last working session of the day.
No words needed. Family time is us time, it’s the time taken to appreciate everything beautiful in life, Alongside our loved ones.
We need at least 6-8 hours of deep REM sleep daily. Sean prioritises this, and places alot of importance on rest before restarting the next day.

Let go of the grind, escape to Elevist Wellness.

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