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Frequently asked questions

How do I start to look into joining a Class at Elevist wellness?

Fixed classes are listed in the services section of the website, you can easily toggle over the preferred class, book and pay online!

You can select the introductory assessment session if you have a particular need to target. Our specialists will guide you accordingly! 🙂

Do you only offer one to one sessions for Pilates?

No, at Elevist wellness we like to achieve perfection in comfort for our clients. We also offer sessions for 2 or more persons, as well as group classes which occur on fixed appointments during the week. Allowing for the growth of our special community to benefit the most people possible at all times.

Can I Grow cannabis with the horticulture kits available for sale?

Our horticulture or “grow” kits are intended for herbs and vegetables, therefor they are perfectly capable, if not somewhat perfect for growing fastidious plants such as cannabis. We do not distinguish between growth and another and love all plants and forms of nature!

Our shop also offers nutrients and accessories specifically made for cannabis growth. We also love to be versatile and can offer short turnover times on non-stocked horticulture products on request of a client when possible.

So in short, Call us or visit our shop!

Is Elevist wellness expensive in comparison to other places in Malta?

Whilst Elevist wellness specialises in the premium experience from the second you book your service online or walk through the door, we also value being within reach for the majority of the wonderful people who need our services and products.

We priced all services and products within the market average, allowing for our services to cater to most everyone who is ready to make the leap into the world of wellness and by definition, perpetual bliss.

What is Reformer Pilates?

The reformer was invented by Joseph Pilates and is a bed-like frame with a flat platform that rolls back and forth on wheels. It is an apparatus used as a part of a Pilates exercise session under the direction of an instructor that uses springs for assistance and resistance to achieve proper muscle length and strength in an organized way, the reformer assists the individual in achieving the goals of Pilates, which include the use of diaphragmatic breathing to organize the body’s posture through coordinated movements with an emphasis on postural control.

The platform is called the carriage, and the carriage is attached to one end of the reformer by a set of springs. The springs allow you to adjust resistance to the carriage, which will be pushed and pulled along the frame by your own body weight and strength. There are also shoulder blocks on the carriage that keep you in a stable position so that you’re not sliding off of the end of the reformer .

There is a footbar at the end of the reformer — an adjustable bar that holds the springs. Your feet and hands can be placed on this bar depending on the exercise. The reformer also has long straps with handles on them that your feet or hands can be placed in to; these are at the top of the frame opposite of the footbar. The springs can be adjusted to affect both the footbar and the handles, to modify the workout for different skill levels and body types. In fact, the reformer is used not only by people looking to strengthen their core, but also by dancers for training and injury rehabilitation.

Do you have an online shop with delivery ?

Yes, Elevist loves offering comfort to our clients. We offer free next day delivery on orders over 100 euros, and general delivery rates according to location. We offer a range of horticulture apparatus, plant nutrients, nutritional supplements, “at-home pilates equipment”, wellness equipment and the leading range of local CBD-Cosmetics.

Just as easy as pressing on the shop icon on the top task bar !

See you there and, happy shopping 😉

Why should we try Yoga?

Derived from the Sanskrit word “yuji,” meaning yoke or union, yoga is an ancient practice that brings together mind and body. It incorporates breathing exercises, meditation and poses designed to encourage relaxation and reduce stress.

  • Improves Flexibility
  • Builds Strength
  • Increases Muscle Tone
  • Improves Balance
  • Supports Joint Health
  • Prevents Back Pain
  • Teaches Better Breathing
  • Fosters Mental Calmness.
  • Reduces Stress
  • Increases Self Confidence

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