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Elevist. To Elevate one's self, 'Vist' from "Vista" - looking towards our future.

Here at Elevist; Freedom, health and life is what we are all about. We want to inspire people, provide the tools, to heighten their experiences and to enable everyone to do more, for longer. Longevity for us is not simply the number of years we have on this planet, but the number of years with optimal quality of life, that we have on this planet.
Our founder, Sean Cassar, is an entrepreneur specialising in interior architechtural design with his first company Design Hub, also providing the aesthetic setting at Elevist. He set out on this mission to deliver a broad range of wellness, and health services to everyone. Having experienced the benefits of all our services throughout his life, Sean is not only the founder but he is also our most regular client here at elevist, Leading by example and making sure every person who makes elevist tick also helps themselves to the life changing services we offer here.

What Inspired us?

The Inspiration behind Sean's Rationale, stemmed from watching his mentor going about his life. The mentor being none other than Edward Cassar, local entrepreneur with arguably the best winery on the Maltese islands, Marsovin. ( Edward and other family members, including Sean Cassar can be seen in the images within this Ethos)

2 of the many stories which shaped Edward in every sense of the word and the relevance to this ethos can be found next.

The "Santa Maria" Rescue

Edward, an avid fishing fanatic from his younger years, loved taking out the family boat to long fishing trips hunting for local favourites such as Dolphin fish ( lampuki), Amberjack and Tuna. Though not all fishing trips had pleasant results which fed the family, one trip in particular lead to going overboard, with the vessel maintaining course independently, leaving Edward marooned, ultimately being rescued after a day by Santa Maria a fishing vessel owned by a lovely family in Mosta. After the rescue, Edward was seen to for physical and psychiatric intervention overseas.

The jockey and related repercussions

A gentleman not short of hobbies, dangerous ones not excluded of course. Being a jockey was a talent and a special hobby for Edward.


One Particular story still echos in the Marsa Race tracks to this day. Edward, approaching the final turn pushed his horse En-route to making his way to the front of the pack. A close encounter with the jockey at the front of the pack lead to the decimation of Edward’s Sulkey and the eventual stampede which ensued, left Edward injured. This, however, did not discourage Edward from getting back on a new sulky and racing again.

You may be telling yourself what makes these stories relevant to an Ethos concerning a wellness and health focused space. The relevance lies in the repercussions on Edward which stemmed from these two anecdotes amongst other experiences which may be too graphic to type into a document.

Phycological trauma, physical injuries, mental barriers and overworked minds are exactly what we want to treat here. They are exactly what Sean saw lead to his father’s slow deterioration later on in life. His personal goal is to ensure he can keep his health, both mental and physical, at a level where he can be a shoulder for his children as they grow and face the troubles of adulthood. Where he can play a game or two of football with his son and daughter without having to withdraw after a few seconds due to an ailing back from years of hard work.

“ We must share wellness high and low. We have to give back to ourselves, to our families and to our loyal work family.”

Sean Cassar '21Founder and CEO - Elevist Wellness

Let go of the grind, escape to Elevist Wellness.

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