Method Seven – HPS+ UV protection


The HPS+ cultivator offers excellent value for money and exceptional color balance for HPS lighting with Method Seven lenses manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision.
The cultivator models are recommended for those who have the growroom as a hobby and come in a bag/case and fabric for cleaning the lenses.

Method Seven Lens Technology:

HPS+ lenses for grow rooms are the ideal optical instrument for indoor and outdoor cultivation with high-pressure sodium lamps.
HPS+ polymer lenses with 100% UV protection and external flash silver coating, manufactured to strict standards by Carl Zeiss.
Unlike cheap sunglasses, these lenses are decentralized (asymmetrical) to eliminate distortion that would otherwise occur with a curved lens. Experience a balanced color with high-pressure sodium lighting.

Method Seven Mount Technology:

The frame of the Cultivator is made of a high-level impact-resistant polycarbonate, for a flexible and light fit.
This frame includes non-slip rubber nose pads that hold comfortably for hours, even in hot conditions.
Certified by independent laboratories to meet or exceed international specifications, Method Seven glasses offer high-speed impact resistance: also great for outdoor trail running and mountain biking!


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