HOMEBOX – HomeLab 120*120*200


HOMEBOX® Homelab 120 Stunning Production In A Small Space.

The Homelab 120 can perfectly accommodate a 90×90 cm growth table with a small extra space around for protruding plants.

You can light up this grow tent with a single 400W HID grow lamp (HPS or MH) or you can comfortably climb up to 600W if your plants require more intense lighting conditions.

Main features Homebox Homelab 120

  • Inner Material: High Quality Silver Reflective Film
  • Outer Material: Waterproof Black Canvas with Higher Fabric Density
  • Double-layer air ducts: They let air in and out of HomeLab without light leakage thanks to the additional layer added to all air duct doors.
  • Waterproof coating on the hinge contains light leaks
  • The poles are made of metal

Technical characteristics Homebox Homelab 120

  • Product dimensions: 120 x 120 x 200h cm
  • Cultivation area: 1,44 m2
  • Inlet and outlet pipes:
    5x 200 mm (2 doors for air cooling of the reflector plus 3 additional doors.)
  • 3 passive vents with integrated 700 micron mosquito nets and removable covers
  • 2 viewing window.
  • 2x 100mm cable access
  • Maximum capacity: 50 Kg


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