Soil Supermix by Bio Nova is an all-in-one fertilizer for substrates, formulated specifically for the entire growth and flowering cycle. This perfectly balanced product contains chelated trace elements and food minerals. This unique blend of ingredients ensures rapid growth and abundant blooms. Plants directly absorb all food minerals, ensuring optimal control over crops.

Apply PK 13-14 as a stimulant during the entire flowering period.

Food-quality organo-mineral – Concentration 1:400 – NPK 7-3-6Soil

Supermix by Bio Nova enhances and improves the characteristics of the substrate, directly stimulates root development and is excellent for both growth and flowering. In Bionova we have created this all-in-one fertilizer which makes cultivation easier and more accessible to everyone, instead of mixing two components every time you will use only one!


How To Use Soil Supermix Bio Nova:

  • It is usable from the first week of growth until the week before harvesting, it is important to perform a flush.
  • It can be mixed with all stimulators as well as mineral and universal products of the Bionova line.
  • BioNova Soil Supermix can be used with classic irrigation methods
  • When using Soil Supermix in combination with Vitasol, you can stop using Soil Supermix in the last two weeks and double your dose of Vitasol
  • The dosages that Bionova recommends are safe and controlled values. You can increase the dose of Soil Supermix at intervals by 10% until the plants show burn marks on the leaves, in this case reduce by 10% again to have the perfect dosage for that specific genetic.


Irrigation applicationfrom
10-20 ml/10 liters of water. From the first day until the last week before harvesting


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