Bluetooth Dimmer EVO Sanlight


A Bluetooth dimmer may be required for each dimmable device. Each device of the EVO series that is equipped with a dimmer, can be dimmed between 0 and 100% via Bluetooth Mesh technology. For easy use of multiple luminaires, individual groups can be formed in the SANlight Mesh app. This means that multiple devices can be dimmed comfortably and simultaneously with a slider.

The SANlight Mesh app is available for free in the Google Play Store.

Key Features Bluetooth Dimmer EVO Sanlight:

  • Up to 3,200 luminaires can be operated in a SANlight Mesh network
  • Dim to Off (switching off devices via dimmer, EVO series only)
  • IP65 protection
  • Dimming of each individual device or groups of luminaires
  • Possibility of individual groupings
  • Free software updates for further development
  • Refined for secure communication
  • Dimming in steps of 1% from 0 – 100%

The SANlight Mesh App is currently only available for Android. Since Android 6.0, Bluetooth requires a location query to search for your device. This requirement is due to the operating system. – See more at:

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