With the EVO series we present the top in LED luminaires for the cultivation of plants. All the experience of internal and external research has been combined with the latest technologies.

As a user, you will benefit from maximum flexibility, the most efficient system and sustainable durability with the EVO series. It doesn’t matter if you want to light up a small area, a professional indoor CBD production or an entire greenhouse. With the EVO series, the right cultivation light will be available for every application.

The resulting broadband light spectrum extends beyond the conventional PAR range and offers a Far Red to Red ratio that positively influences photo-morphogenesis, and therefore also the quality and quantity of the crop.
Development of the EVO series, the secondary optics for protection and direction of light have been optimized for the geometric dimensions of the luminaire. This results in incredibly homogeneous illumination with the best light intensity (PPFD). The asymmetric secondary optics also minimize the losses of photon transport to plants and protects the LEDs from the environmental influences to which the device is exposed during the cultivation of plants. Sulfur and other chemicals cannot penetrate the LED. Thus, oxidation of the reflector of the led chip is prevented. The optics can be easily cleaned. The protection and the possibility of cleaning guarantee you a constant light output for many years.

– Also if at first glance the Sanlight lights may seem a little higher, in practical use you can save a lot of height. In most grow rooms, filters and ventilation systems are mounted on the ceiling. With the EVO series, the necessary equipment can be placed between the lights and no cm of useful height is lost. Lighting systems from other manufacturers need to be mounted under the ventilation system due to their design. This wastes much more space. This applies both to small grow boxes but also to large professional installations.

The EVO 4-120 is designed specifically for elevated open areas and is clearly conceptualized for professional plant cultivation and not for the home user. Thanks to the power of 870μmol/s at 320W, the luminaire produces a lot of light to obtain very high light intensities even with the distance between the luminaire and the plants. Although a single luminaire with 870μmol/s theoretically provides enough light to illuminate one square meter, we recommend in principle two luminaires per square meter for more uniform illumination.

Each model of the EVO series is “ready to dim”. This means that the apparatus is compatible with typical control systems used in greenhouse technology.
Alternatively, you can upgrade your device with a magnetic dimmer or a Bluethooth dimmer.
Compared to rotary potentiometers, Sanlight solutions work without wear and tear, and moisture and water cannot damage them.

Main Features Evo 4 120 Sanlight:

  • Designed for tall rooms and open areas
  • Not suitable for tent applications
  • Optimal depth: 100 cm
  • Suitable for high intensity despite high distance thanks to 870μmol/s and 320W
  • CO₂ integration strongly recommended.
  • Secondary optics and adjustable tilt angle allow for optimal illumination
  • Due to the many different ways to set up your individual system, power cords and accessories are available separately and not included.

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