AgriLeca – Hydroton pallets 50L


AgriLeca is the ideal substrate for use in hydroculture and as a drainer; the minimum salinity released ensures the inertia of the substrate, a primary condition for the proper functioning of the system. It is also light and easy to handle, has moderate water retention and excellent porosity for the air, the shape and dimensional assortment of the granules are such as to “bind” well and therefore ensure good support to plants, even to tall and heavy ones.

Product not buffered.

Technical characteristics: – pH controlled and between 6 and 7
– grain size 8-20 mm
Before use :

• It is important to rinse the balls carefully to remove the residues that are in them.
• It is also preferable to always check their pH: put a few balls in a glass of water with pH adjusted to 6.0, leave them immersed for an hour and then measure.

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