GRONEST Fabric pot 15L


GRONEST is a young and dynamic manufacturer of vases in geotextile fabric of the highest quality. These pots are better than those made of plastic, ceramic, clay because they allow greater ventilation of the root system.

The special geotextile fabric allows its use both indoors and outdoors; it finds commercial application in commercial nurseries and organic growers and home gardeners.

Gronest designed a technically advanced container using its own geotextile fabric named “Aqua Breathe”; this very particular material achieves optimal resistance to durability and very high hygroscopic performance, ensuring the correct radical aeration and the necessary moisture retention.

For greater durability and efficiency of the Inner Lining Fabric Aqua Breathe it is recommended not to expose it to direct sunlight radiation rich in UV and to fill the vessel to the maximum level.

Why choose GRONEST pots :

– The roots do not grow by spiraling on the opinions of the pot, thus favoring a healthier root system and a more vigorous plant.

– Better drainage, it is impossible to give too much water to the plants since the excess one drains through the tissue. The soil retains only the water it needs.

– Cooling effect, fabric pots remain cooler than traditional containers because they are aerated and release heat through the porous tissue.

– Reusable and washable, fabric pots can be used harvest after harvest for at least a couple of seasons.

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