Hydro Shoot R2.0 120*120*200


Hydro Shoot grow tents are designed for both beginners and experienced gardeners looking for great value. This tent is perfect for growing and blooming thanks to the accessories that can complete your set-up.

A new feature of the Hydro Shoot R2.0 series are the reinforced hinges that will guarantee the standard of all Secret Jardin curtains with a maximum load capacity of 10 kg. The big plus is the affordable price, both for the novice grower and the experienced grower.

The Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot grow box is suitable for cultivation in the soil, coconut or inert substrate throughout the growth cycle. The Hydro Shoot can also be seen as the cheap alternative to the Dark Street. This grow tent consists of the same high-quality Mylar (of the DS), a sturdy steel frame, sufficient air- and light-proof openings for ventilation and cables, various accessories for cultivation, and space for more. As promised: the basics without compromise.

Features Hydro Shoot HS100 Secret Jardin:

  • Made of M190T Strong Mylar fabric
  • Includes a removable water tray that is waterproof
  • Sturdy Ø16 mm Q195 steel structure
  • Opening system in sturdy 8 mm hinge
  • Assembled in 15 minutes

Technical Specifications Hydro Shoot HS100:

  • Version: 2.00 a.m.
  • Weight: 7,2 Kg
  • Dimensions: 100x100x200h cm
  • Windows: 1x 30x20cm window with removable door
  • Inputs: Socks with hose strings: 2x Ventilation Ø180 mm, 1x cables Ø75 mm
  • Hooks: 2x Lamp holders and filter included, supporting up to 5 kg each
  • Recommended lighting: 1x HPS400W or 2x LED200W
  • Volume: 2,0 m3
  • Recommended extraction:
  • HPS (every 30 to 60 sec):
    Extraction 240 m3 / h
  • LED (every 1 or 2 minutes):
    Extraction 120 m3 / h


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