Kit of stimulants to increase the vitality and yield of plants indoors and outdoors.
Suitable for people who use nutrients from other brands, but who want to add an organic touch to the cultivation, without overfeeding with NPK. The combination of these three products produces exceptional results. It allows to keep the plants in the phases of vegetative germination and flowering.

Are your plants gray and lack vitality? If you’ve sung, danced or talked to them and it doesn’t work, maybe it’s time to try the magic touch of our Try· Pack Stimulant, one of the 4 members of the Biobizz Try· family Pack. So becoming an expert with the Biobizz line of organic fertilizers is really easy.

The Biobizz Stimulant· Pack is ideal for taking a step further on the organic scale: larger plants, tastier fruits and exceptional results.

Cultivate as much as I can

Impossible to be wrong: high quality, incredible price, complete package. Designed for easy management, it can also be combined with other Biobizz or Try· products. Packs to optimize the crop and cut costs. This combination provides basic nutrition for 1-4 plants.

Each package contains:

250ml Alg· A· Mic250ml
Top· Max250ml
Root· Juice

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