Autoflower Supermix is a natural food-grade fertilizer with a single component, formulated specifically for autoflowering plants, which do not need longer or shorter periods of daylight to start the flowering cycle. This unique formulation ensures rapid growth and abundant blooms. Plants directly absorb all food minerals, ensuring greater control over crops. With Autoflower Supermix more power to autoflowering plants!

Food quality mineral – Concentration 1:400 – NPK 7-3-5Autoflower

Supermix is a unique blend of macroelements, with Mg, Si and chelated microelements. This formula was created to provide the most powerful elements to autoflowering plants that in response will develop larger, branching structures.

Main Features Autoflower Supermix Bio Nova:

  • It directly stimulates the hormonal production of the plant and the “Immune System” decreasing the susceptibility to infections;
  • Strengthens the root system;
  • Stimulates and preserves the beneficial microorganisms of the rhizosphere;
  • It is sustainable: the product can be used in recirculating systems.

13-27 ml. per 10 liters.
The dosages that Bionova recommends are safe and controlled values. You can increase the dose of Autoflower Supermix at intervals by 10% until the plants show signs of burning on the leaves, in this case reduce by 10% again to have the perfect dosage for that specific genetic.

Application for irrigationConstantly
from 13-27 ml/10 liters of water. From the first day until the last week before harvesting. It is necessary to carry out rinsing.


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