Starter kit consisting of the 3 main fertilizers of the BIOBIZZ line.
Suitable for those who grow 1-4 plants. Designed for indoor cultivation but clearly usable also in outdoor sessions. The combination of these three products produces exceptional results.
If you’re tickled by the idea of trying indoor cultivation but don’t know where to start, try the Biobizz Try· Internal Pack. Unites the 4 members of the Try· Pack, so becoming an expert with the Biobizz line of organic fertilizers is really easy.

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Impossible to be wrong: high quality, incredible price, complete package. Designed for easy management, it can also be combined with other Biobizz or Try· products. Packs to optimize the crop and cut costs. This combination provides basic nutrition for 1-4 plants.

Each package contains:

250 ml Bio· Bloom250
ml Bio· Grow250
ml Top· Max

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