GROWRILLA 4 pot DWC system


Hydroponic Systems RDWC 4

Deep Water Culture is one of the most simple and efficient hydroponics technique, the plant grows in a net pot filled in a small quantity of clay pebbles, the roots develop immersed in a water based mineral solution costantly oxygenated by an air pump.

This gives the roots a great amount of oxygen which increase growing process, nutrients uptake and will give you an huge harvesting


More DWC growing pots can be connected each other to the controller pot that costantly allow the solution to circulate through the pots by a water pump, in this ways EC an pH will be balanced throughout the pots

​​​​​​​The system can be connected to the water chiller from the two input/output fitting on the controller pot

The air pump deliver fresh air to the growing pot through an air stone, an high level of dissolved oxygen will mainteined inside the solution, this is necessary for the plants healt, roots development and nutrient uptake

The new growing pots are made in black plastic inside and white outside, this allow to prevent the nutrient solution from  light hitting and keep it free from  algae.  

In the same time the white cover will reflect the light and heat in order to keep the water cool and an high ratio of dissolved oxygen

Growrilla hydroponics RDWC system are made in non – toxic  food grade plastic, to ensure the safety of your crops.

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