HGA Garden – Easy plug seed starters


Eazy Plug is an organic substrate specially formulated to optimize seed germination or rapid rooting of cuttings. Eazy Plug consists of a mixture of peat, coconut powder, perlite, fertilizers and other basic components, which can be mixed in various configurations and proportions.

Why Use Eazy Plug?

Eazy Plug is an innovative and easy-to-use means of propagation and growth. It comes with predetermined levels of EC and pH that self-regulate exactly at the right air-to-water ratio. Thanks to its strongly bonded organic components, pots will no longer be needed, thus offering huge root structures due to the natural pruning effect of the air. With its uniform distribution of moisture provides a light and clean growth medium with unlimited durability.

Eazy Plug Full Cycle With
Eazy Plug Full Cycle you can benefit from all the advantages of the famous Eazy Plug during the entire cultivation period; from propagation to harvesting. Thanks to the combination of Eazy Plug with the Eazy Block and the Eazy Pyramid it is possible to complete the entire cycle of the plant from germination to harvest all combined in a single system.

Eazy Plug Key Features:

  • Improved profitability. Reduction of cycle time up to 3 weeks, saving of fertilizers, up to 20% more harvest and savings in labor.
  • Sustainable and compostable. The materials are 100% compostable and can be placed in the ground or any other environment without leaving an imprint.
  • Biological. All substrates are made of high-quality stabilized organic material creating an airy structure with superb water retention capacity.
  • Extremely fast water absorption. A dry Eazy Plug takes less than 10 seconds to restore.
  • Dried. The substrates are delivered dried, making them very light. This makes their shelf life practically unlimited and eliminating any risk of mold.
  • Fast and vigorous root development. The substrates all have a predetermined pH and CE value and a fixed air-to-water ratio. This ensures that propagation and growth conditions are always optimal and consequently amazing germination and rooting.

Bag of 50pcs Eazy Plug
Cube Size 3,5×3,5x4h cm

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