Kit dedicated by BIOBIZZ to all growers who grow hydroponics and coconut using two-component fertilizers (A + B). It will increase the taste and taste of the crop. Composed of Bio Bloom that combined with Top Max and Bio Heaven produces exceptional results. These products of organic matrix can be kept in the tank for 4-5 days.

Do you want to grow with a hydroponic system but are tired of using minerals on your dear seedlings? Maybe you want that natural flavor typical organic harvests but can’t get rid of the soilless method?

Try Biobizz Try· Pack Hydro and you will see that it will really be for you. So becoming an expert with the Biobizz line of organic fertilizers is easy (and they are also ideal with hydroponic systems).

Two advantages in one: biological quality, hydroponic quantity

Impossible to be wrong: high quality, incredible price, complete package. It stimulates optimal development at the root and organically protects growing plants in your water system.

Designed for easy management, it can also be combined with other Biobizz or Try· products. Packs to optimize harvesting and cut costs.

Each package contains:

250ml Organic· Bloom250ml
Top· Max250ml
Organic· Heaven

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