Multiparameter Ph, EC and Temperature Tester


The COM-300 is a professional level pH, EC, TDS and temperature tester ideal for applications such as hydroponic cultivation, water treatment and purification, aquaculture.
It is suitable to be used in laboratories for scientific tests, swimming pools and thermal centers, boilers and cooling towers, etc.


Measurement of potential hydrogen (pH), electrical conductivity (EC), dissolved total solids (TDS), salinity and temperature

Five scales: pH, μS, mS, ppm 0.5 (NaCl) Scale and 0.7 (442 ™) Scale

Automatic temperature compensation (ATC) using three temperature coefficients

Waterproof body (IP-67 rating)

Digital calibration (button) at any point in the meter range

Automatic shutdown function, data maintenance function and low battery indicator

Display: Large and easy-to-read LCD screen includes simultaneous temperature reading

Replaceable probe (SP-CP model)

Factory calibrated (pH / EC / TDS)

Includes translucent cap, alkaline batteries 2 (AAA), pH 4 and 7 calibration solutions, pH storage solution and lanyard.


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