BioBizz Light mix


For more control, Light· Mix is the ideal basis for promoting powerful growth in shoots, seedlings and cuttings, right from the start.

It facilitates micro vital activity as water enters the soil, producing biological catalysts that favor the development of root structure. The mixture of Light· Mix® is also specially designed to ensure complete drainage: this is an essential property in the case of automatic irrigation systems.

How to use it?

It will be possible to apply large quantities of this fertilizer to any plant, even those with a sustained diet, without the risk of soil overload or burns due to nutrients (such as yellowing, dry and burnt-looking tips on the leaves). With automatic watering it is important that the water filters into the substrate properly, to prevent it from becoming too wet and favoring the formation of mold.

CE and pH values

Biobizz® products contain only organic and non-mineral ingredients, such as magnesium or sulfates typical of synthetic fertilizers That’s why Light· Mix® has average Electrical Conductivity (CE) values. While its organic ingredients are impossible to measure, they have a self-regulating system, which keeps pH levels at the right value.

Light mix is an ideal soil for growers who prefer to control cultivation processes through a continuous administration of liquid fertilizers. Fertilized only slightly, it guarantees vigorous regrowths and rapid root development. Available in 20 litre bags

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