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Bio Nova Ca 15 is a calcium deficiency agent. Calcium plays an important role in the stabilization of cell walls and ionic reactions with plants, influences growth hormones and controls the transport of nutrients and water to the plant. In situations of high humidity or compact crops, the conduction rate is reduced and can lead to calcium deficiencies. Plants directly absorb all food minerals, ensuring optimal crop control.

NPK: 8-0-0 + 15% CaO
Concentration: 1: 3000
Dosage: 2-5 ml. for 10 liters.

Technical Specifications Ca 15 Bio Nova:

  • Calcium Nitrate Solution 8 (15)
  • NPK 8-0-0 + 15% Ca
  • 8% total nitrogen (N), of which: 8% nitric nitrogen (N
  • 15% calcium oxide (CaO)
  • soluble in water


Tips From Bionova Growers

  • When yellow parts with round brown spots appear on the leaves it is a calcium (Ca) deficiency, apply Ca 15 to the crop. To quickly recover plants from nutritional deficiency.
  • Use Ca 15 weekly during fruit formation to prevent common physical diseases such as tip rot in tomatoes, bitter apple pitting, fruit cracking and dried leaves in lettuce, for example.
  • When growing in humid environments, double the Ca 15 dosage to strengthen plant tissues.
  • Use 3 times the normal dose of Ca15 when using fresh water or reverse osmosis water.
  • Use Ca 15 to harden the bud tissues on the mother plants just before cutting the clones, in preparation for healthier rooting.
  • To produce healthy seeds after pollination, increase the dosage of Ca 15 together with MgO 10, both products contain Nitrogen which leads to sufficient nutrient absorption.
  • To prepare a personalized food program: using the mononutrient Bionova Ca 15, you can decide exactly the amount of calcium to give to your crop.
  • Mono nutrients can be used for outdoor growing. After controlling the soil and (irrigation) water, Bionova mononutrients regulates the nutrients to ensure sufficient nutrients are available.


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