Biomagno – soil magna 50L


Soilmagno by Biomagno 50 liters is a ready-to-use mixed pre-mixed soil composed of blond peat of elavata quality mixed with Florawiva compost and perlite that make this ready-to-use soil ideal for all phases of sowing, growth and flowering.

We recommend using it in combination with the Biomagno line of organic fertilizers and mycorrhizae to obtain amazing results during growth and flowering.

Soilmagno soil composition by Biomagno:

  • Compost FloraWiva
  • Blond peat 0 / 40 mm
  • Expanded Perlite


Analytical data soil Soilmagno by Biomagno:

  • pH 4.5 / 8.5
  • Electrical coducibility 1.0 dS/M
  • Minimum organic on dry 4%
  • Maximum apparently dry density 950 kg/m3
  • Total porosity as % of volume 85

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