Bionova – The missing link 1L


The Missing Link is a 100% certified organic/vegan stimulant. The combination of the world’s best fulvic acid and colloidal silver creates an unbeatable immune system. A strong immune system significantly reduces stressors. In this way the plants can reach their maximum power at harvest, growing compactly and vigorously, and it is possible to reduce the use of pesticides/fungicides. An exclusive Bionova product for super green plants!

The Missing Link can be mixed with all fertilizers and plant care products.

Concentration: 1:2000
Dosage6 ml. per 10 liters.


Technical Specifications The Missing Link Bio Nova:

Colloidal mixture of fulvic acids

  • 0,15% total nitrogen (N), of which:
  • 0.15% ammoniacal nitrogen (N

With micronutrients:

  • 0.037% iron (Fe), soluble in water, chelated DTPA.
  • 0.001% manganese (Mn), soluble in water, CHELATED EDTA.
  • 0.002% boron (B)

It also contains

  • 1.25% fulvic acid.


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