True Organics Mother Earth from Advanced Nutrients has many advantages over homemade compounds. At Advanced Nutrients, the composition of the ingredients is carefully thought out to ensure they are in exactly the right proportions when your nutrient-hungry plants need them. With homemade solutions, there is always a risk that individual nutrients are missing or over-represented, which has a major negative impact on growth and yield. Unpleasant odors, harmful microorganisms, short shelf life, inadequate chelation, and the risk of clogging pumps and nozzles or covering up hydroponic systems are also consequences of household compounds.

True Organics Mother Earth Super Tea contains everything your plants need for fast and healthy growth. In addition to precisely balanced amounts of highly bioavailable nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, this tea offers so much more. The hydrolyzate of soy and fish proteins create the ideal conditions for cell development, the highly effective alfalfa extract improves the production of chlorophyll and thus increases the absorption of CO2 and a wide range of vitamins supports the whole growth process. A wide range of minerals completes the supply of nutrients and once again improves the development of plant and flower growth.

To ensure that you can use Mother Earth Super Tea with all growing media, including hydroponic systems and drip irrigation, the tea is purified during the complex manufacturing process to remove any unwanted turbidity. The ingredients are 100% water soluble and you can of course combine this super tea with other fertilizers and boosters. Another highlight is the IOM certification from California that Advanced Nutrients received for the True Organic Mother Earth Super Tea. The requirements for obtaining this seal are much stricter than existing biological seals. This guarantees you a fertilizer with truly pure organic ingredients for high yields in organic farming.

True Organics Ancient Earth Features:

  • Guaranteed 100% organic with IOM certificate
  • Highly purified, suitable for all growing media
  • With hydrolysates, vitamins, minerals, alfalfa extract and much more
  • Strong growth promoter
  • N-P-K 3-2-5

Dosages:Week 1-7:
2ml / L (based on an EC value of 0.0)


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