CVault containers are made of food grade stainless steel and are easy to clean with alcohol to ensure high standards of hygiene.

Plants need light and air to grow. But, after harvesting, light (UV radiation) and air (oxygen) affect the quality of the flowers. Storage in a container that allows the management of light and air optimizes the lasting quality of your products;

In this way, smell, taste, weight, structure and effect are preserved.

Studies show a 15% higher score on trichome maintenance (with terpenes and cannabinoids) when flowers are stored in Cvault with Boveda. Keeping 15% more trichomes means a flower with a better appearance, a softer flavor, a better smell and, of course, sells better.

CVault Stainless Steel Container Features:

  • 100% food grade stainless steel container;
  • Hermetic closure;
  • Internal compartment designed for use with Boveda;
  • Preservation of inflorescences up to 6 months;


CVault Medium 0,5 Liters:

  • Volume: 0.5 liters;
  • Capacity: 25-30 gram;
  • Internal dimensions (diameter x height): 10×6,8 cm;
  • Requested Boveda: 1x Boveda 8 grams;


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