BOVEDA 62% keeps the relative humidity (RH) stable inside the stored products. This technology that has revolutionized the storage of cigars, food, music and electronic products is now available for the storage of herbal and medicinal herbs.

The patented Boveda packages inserted inside the container keep the relative humidity stable and if necessary add or absorb humidity in order to keep the content constant at the value of 62% (+/- 1%).

Boveda allows you to preserve the essences for a very long time without modifying their properties and preventing the formation of mold.

The right moisture content maximizes color, flavor, aroma, effectiveness as well as stabilizing the weight of your herbal and medicinal herbs.

What’s Inside Boveda 62%?

Inside each Boveda there is a “reverse osmosis” membrane permeable to water vapor. Inside that membrane is a specially prepared saturated solution of pure water and natural salt. If necessary, Boveda releases or absorbs purified water vapor across the membrane to maintain a predetermined level of (RH).

Boveda 62% Main Features:

  • It keeps the relative humidity constant at 62% (+/- 1%) by absorbing and releasing the water value;
  • Prevents the formation of dangerous molds;
  • Duration about 2/4 months from the moment it is inserted into the container;
  • Requires no maintenance or refilling, it needs to be replaced when it gets stiff.

The sachet containing 4 grams guarantees the level of humidity for a quantity of product ranging up to 15 grams, the 8 grams up to 30 grams, the 67 grams up to 450 grams and the 320 grams guarantees the level of humidity for a quantity of product ranging up to 1800 grams

Note: Do not mix different levels of Boveda RH within the same container and do not use Boveda in the same container with other humidification products. They will fight against each other and reduce the efficiency of Boveda bags.


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