Qnubu Manual Rosin Press 1 TON


Qnubu Manual Press For Rosin Extraction

Rosin extraction was the first to discover that reaching the appropriate temperature allows for the extraction of up to 80% of cannabinoids.
The technique is very simple, since it consists in exerting pressure on a gem positioned between the cards in order to press it firmly between the hot aluminum of the plates.

Once you open the bag, you will find the resin attached. It couldn’t be cheaper.
Specially designed for the extraction of oils and resins without the use of any solvent, but simply by pressure and heating.

Technical Specifications BOLT Manual Press Qnubu 1TON:

  • Pressure: 1 Tons
  • Plate: 6x12cm
  • Dimensions: 32x24x37h
  • Double-plate temperature control (0-254 ºC)
  • TIimer 0-999sec – Acoustic warning
  • Volt: 220V
  • Consumption : 700W


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