Vitasol is an organic stimulant product that allows treated plants to develop fruits with a sweeter taste. It also provides the plant with an additional boost in the final period, which leads to a higher content of dry extract during harvest. This fruit softener contains natural sugars, calcium, magnesium, copper, quicklime, potassium, vitamins and numerous vegan trace elements. 100% natural ingredients give a natural sweetness!

NPK: 1-0-3Concentration
: 1:1000Dosage
4-12 ml. per 10 liters.


Vitasol Bio Nova Technical Specifications:

  • Combined organic/mineral fertilizer NPK 1-0-3
  • 1% total nitrogen (N), of which:
  • 1% organic nitrogen (N) of vegetable origin
  • 3% potassium oxide (K2O), soluble in water
  • 1.4% sulfur trioxide (SO3), soluble in water
  • 0.06% manganese (Mn), water soluble, EDTA chelate


How To Use Vitasol By BioNova

  • Use Bionova Vitasol once a week in a dilution rate from 0.5 ml / liter up to 1 ml / liter during the growth phase to enrich and increase the life and activity of microorganisms in the substrate.
  • During the flowering phase increase the use of Bionova Vitasol up to three times a week, dilution rate from 0.5 ml / liter up to 1.5 ml / liter to feed beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi that return to plants more nutrients available to be absorbed. with a focus on phosphorus. potassium and iron.
  • To increase the percentage of insect pollinations on fruits and vegetables, spray Bionova Vitasol on plants in dilution from 2.5 ml / 10 liters up to 5 ml / 10 liters to attract even more pollinating insects.
  • Bionova Vitasol as a fruit sweetener: in the last weeks of flowering 5-10 ml per 10 liters
  • Bionova Vitasol as a stimulant for microorganisms: 2.5-5 ml per 10 liters
  • It can be mixed with all Bionova fertilizers. stimulators. minerals. universal and substrates. Bionova Vitasol is not suitable for all irrigation systems! Bionova Vitasol can be used as a foliar spray.
  • When Vitasol is used in irrigation systems it is important to clean the system well!


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