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PIURA super foods - Tasty AND nutritious.

Elevist Wellness is the leading importer of PIURA superfoods. A wide range of superfoods, catering to different dietary requirements which may arise from time to time.

Why spend so much of your precious time chopping all your fruits and veg? Utilise your time better whilst retaining all the nutrient punch you need from your 5 a day.

At elevist wellness we stock PIURA superfoods - turbo charging your diet to new highs, satisfying sugar cravings without adding to the waist line, and keeping your taste-buds happy and satiety levels up right where you need them.

It's not the 50s anymore, diets have evolved past the keeping the doctor away with an apple a day. Our time constraints have become more challenging, our phones have taken over our reality and most of what needs to be done is a push of a finger away. YET, we chose to be unhealthy because we don't have time, because the kids felt like take away, because being creative is too difficult 7 days a week..

What if there was a solution, which satisfied hunger to levels which kept smiles on our faces, with natural sweetness capable of pleasing a 3 year old without keeping her up all night, with ease of delivery without dirt, cleaning or extravagant chopping tools. Best of all, creative combinations of superfoods which go above and beyond your five a day, as well as tasting fresh and new with every blend !

Drop by the Physical shop in Naxxar, or simply tap the e-shop button to revolutionise your nutrition, one bag at a time !

Acai berry powder
blueberry powder
Ashwagandha powder
Cacao nibs
Chaga mushroom powder
Chia seeds
Chlorella powder
Coconut sugar
Maca powder
reishi mushroom powder
Clean green blend powder
Baobab powder
Matcha powder
Spirulina powder

Look up our superfood journals , we love to update all our people with recepies, benefits and guides when using our SUPERFOODS!

Be SUPER, one food at a time.

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