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Horticulture is the study and the art as we like to call it, of cultivating your own vegetables, fruit and hemp.

Our dedicated team at Elevist wellness helps one understand the plant in question. Helps the user delve into the depths of understanding beyond just colour and texture. We deep dive into the world of humidity, temperature, electric conductivity, substrates, growing media, testing, calibration and the ins and outs of a successful harvest after months of hard work !

What horticulture products do we offer at Elevist wellness?

Our team at Elevist wellness has constructed Grow kits to cater for all levels of growing capabilities. We also incorporated a myriad of products to enhance one's growing potential.
We stock all major nutrient brands, the leading tent and light brands as well as other exclusive products and services.
Our gold standard service related to horticulture are our specialised one to one tutorials - ask our Master grower and team leader Mac about anything in the horticulture sphere, similar to our plants he will shed a light upon the hardest of topics to the most straightforward. We offer both in person and virtual service, as well as an on site check up or setup of your grow !

In a nutshell - Get in touch ,and begin to pave your way to perpetual bliss.

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