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A wellness escape from the day to day, incorporating various treatment styles and modalities to sooth one’s ailments.

Physically speaking Elevist is a 3 story complex combining physiotherapy clinics, matt studios equipped with Pilates Reformers, a Meditation chamber and the Elevist retail store on the ground floor making all relevant products from the treatment modalities for use at home as well as a fully fledged horticulture store, alternative CBD cosmetics for topical use and nutritional supplements.

What's in store at the Retail shop ?

Our retail shop is basically a physical representation of our treatment modalities.

We love Physiotherapy at elevist, we believe it's a cornerstone to one's physical freedom. Not in the literal sense of the word, but freedom from the pain which comes from many years of bad posture, improper movements and ever increasing pains. We incorporated many tools used in the physio-pilates realm - namely mats, balls, supports, Foam rollers, massage guns, massage plates, kinesio tapes, ice packs and other beneficial products.
We also love horticulture - we firmly believe in ORGANIC, we believe one should have 100% control of what goes into our bodies. A vastly overused saying to treat one's body as a "temple" might be overused in writing, but is grossly underused in practice. We cater to all horticulture requirements, giving our users a one stop shop for anything they would like to grow be it tomatoes, strawberries, to the magical plant - Hemp which has recently been added to our legal framework allowing for up to 4 plants to be cultivated within one's personal dwelling.
We love diets - we love understanding super foods and we have an in house brand of superfoods called PIURA ! Getting your five a day, without the dreaded feeling of an empty stomach or the mess in your kitchen !
Last but not least we believe in supplementing our bodies with what is not readily available from our diets so easily - we have a full range of 16 supplements carefully chosen to target the most common complaints we hear in our professional lives.
Finally, at elevist we apreciate aesthetic, we made the place look and feel like an oasis in the middle of the figurative desert. An escape to somewhere where aesthetic satisfaction is guaranteed with each and every detail. That being said, we took it one step further and formulated one of a kind, original CBD cosmetics - exclusively available at Elevist wellness retail and online shops !

In a nutshell - look after your temple, with elevist wellness. We don't just recommend it, we live it.

and we love it !

See you there !

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