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A small introduction to our wonderful physio and Pilates Team leader - Laura Schembri

Laura Schembri is a highly qualified and experienced physiotherapist. She comes from a health and fitness background, gaining her first certificate in teaching exercise to music in 1990.

Laura continued her studies within the fitness industry for several years before she decided to look deeper into injury prevention and enrolled in the physiotherapy course at the University of Malta, graduating with a BSc (Hons) in the year 2000. Her under-graduate dissertation was a practical study that looked at the effects of stabilising exercises versus manual therapy on chronic back pain.

After graduating she was keen to keep developing her knowledge and went on to take a post-graduate certification in Modified Pilates for Physiotherapists. She found that Pilates helped her patients with pain relief and they got fitter and stronger and could cope with everyday activities much better than before. She carried on attending courses over many years and is now considered to be an expert in the field, especially in relation to correcting muscle dysfunction and relieving back pain. The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) awarded her with the title of Master Trainer in 2018. She teaches the internationally acclaimed APPI programme to physiotherapists and also teaches the APPI Comprehensive Pilates Course for would be Pilates teachers. She has also lectured at courses and conferences in Malta and the UK.

She has developed her skills as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist by continuously updating her knowledge over the years and uses many different techniques to treat pain and rehabilitate her patients to optimise their potential outcomes. She graduated with an MSc in Sports Physiotherapy at the University of Bath in 2015 after conducting further research on exercise therapy and how it has long term effects on pain relief, controlling muscle imbalance and regaining function in runners with knee pain. She had also conducted research within the public sector that concurred with the scientific evidence-base that regular exercise has beneficial effects for those in pain and those who want to improve their physical performance whether they were sedentary or sports people.
Her priority in her working life is to empower her clients towards leading the best life possible and remaining active.

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