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You may ask yourself, why Pilates?

Every person that has tried Pilates for more than a few sessions has experienced the transformation of this Exercise regime, other than just toning your body - Pilates gives the individual better clarity of mind as well as inner serenity.

Beginning in our late 20s most of us begin our cognitive decline by 1%, related to the hippocampus, the area of the brain which controls memory formation and cognitive ability.
Scientific research throughout time has professed regarding our brains having a finite number of brain cells which cannot regenerate overtime, modern studies have contradicted this notion. Newer studies on cognitive decline have found exercise regimes that stimulate the mind as well as the body as one of the leading methods of counteracting cognitive decline. In effect what will this reduction in cognitive decline lead to? Bottom line - better short term memory retention, lower risks of Alzheimer’s and other cognitive diseases, better information retention and problem solving prowess as well as a potential elevation in the individuals IQ.


Further to the points above - Recent developments in research have proved that exercise improves neurogenesis ( by definition the synthesis of new brain cells) – as well as protects existing cells by prompting in increase in B.D.N.F. ( brain derived neurotropic factor) production – a nerve protecting compound that is a stimulant for neurogenesis.

Pilates is one of the only forms of exercise and endorphin release which stimulates the body AS MUCH as it stimulates the mind. The repetitions in combination with the breathing and postural requirements leads to a regime which not only ignites the glutes, but ignites the juices flowing into your brain as well !


Pilates allows for the brain to switch off from the day to day mental blocks and congestions. The focus is completely on the body movement and breathing, this allows us to focus on the task at hand giving the individual a sense of mindfulness and relaxation as the exercises melt away the mental fatigue we tend to build up over our busy work days !
The previously mentioned endorphins are natural anti depressants which are released upon positive physical stress on the body, this is what leads to the anti-stress effect related to processes such as yoga and Pilates !


Emotions are another faction of our being which tend to be controlled and better maintained with Pilates, the understanding of breathing techniques is the cornerstone to psychological improvement. Aligning our breathing and getting an understanding of the effects of proper breathing techniques used in Pilates lead to miraculous improvements in mental distress and declining mental health.


Finally, the postural benefits of Pilates helps our overall confidence in our day to day. Similar to how we were brought up being told to straighten our backs and keep good posture. Pilates unlocks proper methods of regaining adequate posture and keeping our presence confident and energetic.

If this isn't enough to convince you to give Pilates a try, Call Elevist Wellness and ask our professionals how these regimes can change your life starting today!

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